Sunday, September 27, 2009

Los Luchadores

Dear Los Luchadores,

You are truly a stunner! You are one of my favorite coffees. Personally, I think you taste a lot like caramel, vanilla, and definitely some cinnamon bringing it all home, gurl. Your packaging is killer. Los Luchadores, will you meet me tomorrow morning in our favorite spot, my Khemex pot? You are a very handsome coffee. Large beans a characteristic of excellent breeding! Oh my, wrap me in your gold lamé cape and tell me of your epic battles, my gentle giant. 

Forever lost in admiration,

Everyman Espresso

Ok here's the skinny on one of the best coffees this year! Los Luchadores is a "heirloom varietal." Its parents Paca and Maragojipe conceived the golden child "Pacamara." According to Counter Culture this coffee is grown in the high-elevation, volcanic soil of Las Delicias farm in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Yet another triumph for award-winning producer Aida Batlle. Her dedication to producing the best coffees on Earth shines through in this rare varietal. Imbibe folks!

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