Monday, November 1, 2010

New Arrivals

These are some of the coffees we will keep in stock for NOVEMBER.

Nyeri, Kenya: Personal Favorite
Really complex. Smacks you in the
face with black cherry, honey, and ginger.

Very exciting! ARE YOU F'in KIDDING
a micro lot from SUMATRA?????
The politics in this land can make it
very difficult for the roaster to request
amendments to coffees either at the farm or the mill.

what philanthropic ish are you up to
Counter Culture Coffee???????????Remember last year

This was my favorite coffee of last year!
Hands down, NO F'in JOKE!

POUR OVER onward!

We are now serving Aeropress'd coffee and Pour over Bonmac coffee! It's $3 a cup. Pick your method. We suggest the Kenyan Thiriku from Nyeri, Kenya. In my humble opinion, this is the best coffee of the season! Get it while it's hot.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I made Aeropress coffee with Oliver Strand today! So fun. We tried two different coffees. The Finca Mauritania from El Salvador and a the Thiriku from Nyeri, Kenya.

We used the inverted Aeropress method with a quick saturation of the grounds followed by a stir. Then fill, cap, press and drink.
The process took about 1:30 mins. 19-20 grams of coffee. Temperature at approximately 190 degrees Fahrenheit Super quick and easy.

Everyman is proud to announce soon we will be offering Aeropress and Bon Mac pour over brew methods! I think we will be all set up, staff trained, and brewing delicious single cup pick your origin brews in about a week or two.
Yield is about 8 oz at $3.00 per cup.

The Kenyan had bright lemon/lime acidity. We up dosed on this one to 20 grams and went a touch coarser on the grind. The results were mouthwatering. I could feel a pool forming under my tongue as the brightness hit my palate.

The Mauritania was tasting super sweet and juicy at 19 grams. Approximately 6.5 oz of water. Slightly finer grind. I detected peaches and cinnamon. I did up the dose to 22 grams which gave the cup a syrupy body, but was unfortunately a bit under-extracted.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I was on a radio show today. It was awesome! I got to chat it up with my dairy farmer Seth from Battenkill Valley Creamery in Salem, Ny. To hear the clip and check out the Farm Report follow the link...

Friday, August 20, 2010


Good luck getting a decent cup of coffee in an airport stuffed with Illy and DD. So what do you do if you are taking a trip and still want an banging cup of coffee?

Bring your own stash!

You don't need all of this, but it did make me feel at home in Holland and Paris where it was very hard/impossible to get a good cup of coffee.

If you are traveling light I would recommend a Hario ceramic burr hand grinder. Perfect for grinding beans on the road. It has an adjustable grind setting which is crucial. The downside is it's takes some elbow grease to get things going. So it's not great for brewing a big pot or having a coffee party.

Also a single cup brewer/filters of some kind (v60, Melita, Aeropress). I like the V60 I have a glass version, but it also comes in ceramic. The V shape and detachable handle is great for packing. Most hotels have a coffee pot so you could heat your water that way, but all the hotels in London conveniently came with a hot water pot for tea. Don't forget the COFFEE!

Stop by Everyman and if you don't want to schlep a grinder we can help you out, but remember that as soon as coffee is ground it starts to loose it's flavor. It starts to "DE-GAS" and after a few days will not even bloom when you brew it. :( So getting a grinder and adding a step is worth it.

Bon Voyage

Photos from the WBC London 2010

We made it to the 2010 World Barista Championships in London!

This is Peter Giuliano wearing my glasses. We swapped!
Peter G. as I like to call him is Director of Coffee and
Co-owner of Counter Culture Coffee.


Coffee Travel Menagerie

Only drip, only for here.

I had the La Linda from Columbia. It was really awesome.
Brewed in a wood necked Hario it was sweet with the
tartness of a cherry. Penny is the first retail outpost
of Square Mile Coffee roasters. It is designed mostly for prospective
accounts of Square Mile. It was 3 GBP for this cup, but it
was worth every pence!

Portrait of the champion. Mike Phillips USA.

Headroom central. After party with
Mikey P. and Cory from Berlin.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We were featured! snapped a cool picture of me brewing the airopress at the WBC Brew Bar. I was making different coffees roasted by people from all over the world. I had coffees from Counter Culture and Intelligentsia, but also coffees from Tim Wendleboe former WBC champ now roaster. There where even a few written in a few I couldn't read because they weren't in english. I narrowed it down to my favs, bringing home about 10lbs of coffee


Roasted by Coffee Angel the Cafe Wara Wara III. This is a Irish roaster based out of Belfast. The Wara Wara is from Bolivia! Get it HERE

My Ultimate fav is the La Tortuga or "the turtle" roasted by Intelli. It's awesome! I had a once in a lifetime chance to brew the coffee for the farmer Mr. Caballero.

Intelligentsia outlines the entire story of their relationship with the farm on their website. Here's a list of all the recent improvements to the farm that made a real difference in the cup...
  • - Tile-lined all their fermentation tanks and washing channels to improve cleanliness
  • - Installed an experimental coffee cherry sorter, allowing for mature cherry selection
  • - Fenced in their patio drying space which prevents animals from contaminating the coffee
  • - Added a new sediment tank to improve their ecological footprint
  • - Spruced up their wet mill with a new paint job and ornamental plants
  • - Added 10 varieties of shade trees to their nursery for future replanting
  • - Added a workers' lunch room/resting spot at the mill

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Currently we are brewing the Finca Nueva Armenia from Huehuetenango, Guatemala as our ice coffee. I am not a huge fan of cold brew coffee. I like cold brew coffee, but the 24 hour brew process mutes the distinct flavors of different origins. I prefer to brew a concentrated amount of coffee over ice. As the ice melts the concentrate dilutes to a perfect ice coffee. You can do this at home in a chemex. Use about twice as much coffee as usual. Load the chemex with ice and brew.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


APRIL 2010

Sweet. Round. Chocolate Cherries.
Y Preferred brewing methods Y
Chemex, V60, Melita, Clever brewer
Pretty Much any pour over coffee method.
Pour over really highlights all the juicy flavors of
this pacific rim coffee.

Carmel. Cocoa. Red Grape.
Y Preferred brewing methods Y
French Press, Clever, Air-O-Press

La Golondrina is a Co-operative of the highest quality farms in Colombia. Only coffees that score a 92 on a scale of one hundred are allowed to participate. Coffees that score an exceptionally high score are singled out and sold as a seperate "Micro-lot" Read more here >

Plum. Pastry. Sugar Cane.
Y Preferred brewing methods Y
Pour over, Period.

I fell head over heals for this coffee last year and I am glad to see most of the same characteristics in this years crop. I do believe this year is a bit more fruit forward and a tiny bit sweeter. I do get the roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus and super savory notes this go round, but they are far more subtle.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Great article for the education of our customers. They now have a great reference point and know what to look for in a good coffee shop! The struggle with that is getting shorter and shorter THANK YOU NY TIMES...OLIVER!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Webding font?


Why isn't there a fucking coffee cup in any of those Icons? Huh Webding..why?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beginning With Chemex!

I am trying to get learned in the ways of The Chemex. So far I have had a bunch of coffee's at home and some work better than others in a Chemex. I wonder why? I have noticed that coffees with flavor profiles that are "fruitier" and lighter in roast fair better in Mr. C-mex. It makes sense that certain coffees work better in different brewing methods.
I have found, but will continue to expand on this theory, that coffees that are darker/smokier tend to be ashy and dirty. I would totally recommend the Columbia La Golondrina or the sun-dried, natural Ethiopian from sidamo, both roasted by Counter Culture. Also had Stumptown's Don Pachi in the chemex and it was totally awesome.
Soon I will post a drawing of how to make Chemex along with tips and tricks.



Yes Another TNT! Once a month from now on! I will be organizing them so any Ideas or sponsorship of any kind is welcome.


Here's a Picture of Everyman's favorite actress, Meryl Streep and our least favorite actress jennifer aniston, who's name should never be capitalized.
When I asked Meryl if she wanted a coffee she politely declined. Which made sense seeing as how she was about to do an on camera interview right there in the lobby! The interview is for an up and coming documentary on Austin Pendleton. A well respected actor and director of several plays. One of which was the Classic Stage Company's Uncle Vanya. Everyman is in the lobby of the Classic Stage Company. We see a lot of action being in the lobby of a famed New York theater company. Load-ins, Load-outs, the stars coming to watch the plays or even coming to rehearse. Everyone from Al Pachino and Lou Reed to well...Meryl Streep. It's just one more day in the life!

-Sam Penix