Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We were featured! Spruge.com snapped a cool picture of me brewing the airopress at the WBC Brew Bar. I was making different coffees roasted by people from all over the world. I had coffees from Counter Culture and Intelligentsia, but also coffees from Tim Wendleboe former WBC champ now roaster. There where even a few written in a few I couldn't read because they weren't in english. I narrowed it down to my favs, bringing home about 10lbs of coffee


Roasted by Coffee Angel the Cafe Wara Wara III. This is a Irish roaster based out of Belfast. The Wara Wara is from Bolivia! Get it HERE

My Ultimate fav is the La Tortuga or "the turtle" roasted by Intelli. It's awesome! I had a once in a lifetime chance to brew the coffee for the farmer Mr. Caballero.

Intelligentsia outlines the entire story of their relationship with the farm on their website. Here's a list of all the recent improvements to the farm that made a real difference in the cup...
  • - Tile-lined all their fermentation tanks and washing channels to improve cleanliness
  • - Installed an experimental coffee cherry sorter, allowing for mature cherry selection
  • - Fenced in their patio drying space which prevents animals from contaminating the coffee
  • - Added a new sediment tank to improve their ecological footprint
  • - Spruced up their wet mill with a new paint job and ornamental plants
  • - Added 10 varieties of shade trees to their nursery for future replanting
  • - Added a workers' lunch room/resting spot at the mill

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