Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beginning With Chemex!

I am trying to get learned in the ways of The Chemex. So far I have had a bunch of coffee's at home and some work better than others in a Chemex. I wonder why? I have noticed that coffees with flavor profiles that are "fruitier" and lighter in roast fair better in Mr. C-mex. It makes sense that certain coffees work better in different brewing methods.
I have found, but will continue to expand on this theory, that coffees that are darker/smokier tend to be ashy and dirty. I would totally recommend the Columbia La Golondrina or the sun-dried, natural Ethiopian from sidamo, both roasted by Counter Culture. Also had Stumptown's Don Pachi in the chemex and it was totally awesome.
Soon I will post a drawing of how to make Chemex along with tips and tricks.


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