Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Here's a Picture of Everyman's favorite actress, Meryl Streep and our least favorite actress jennifer aniston, who's name should never be capitalized.
When I asked Meryl if she wanted a coffee she politely declined. Which made sense seeing as how she was about to do an on camera interview right there in the lobby! The interview is for an up and coming documentary on Austin Pendleton. A well respected actor and director of several plays. One of which was the Classic Stage Company's Uncle Vanya. Everyman is in the lobby of the Classic Stage Company. We see a lot of action being in the lobby of a famed New York theater company. Load-ins, Load-outs, the stars coming to watch the plays or even coming to rehearse. Everyone from Al Pachino and Lou Reed to well...Meryl Streep. It's just one more day in the life!

-Sam Penix

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