Friday, October 22, 2010


I made Aeropress coffee with Oliver Strand today! So fun. We tried two different coffees. The Finca Mauritania from El Salvador and a the Thiriku from Nyeri, Kenya.

We used the inverted Aeropress method with a quick saturation of the grounds followed by a stir. Then fill, cap, press and drink.
The process took about 1:30 mins. 19-20 grams of coffee. Temperature at approximately 190 degrees Fahrenheit Super quick and easy.

Everyman is proud to announce soon we will be offering Aeropress and Bon Mac pour over brew methods! I think we will be all set up, staff trained, and brewing delicious single cup pick your origin brews in about a week or two.
Yield is about 8 oz at $3.00 per cup.

The Kenyan had bright lemon/lime acidity. We up dosed on this one to 20 grams and went a touch coarser on the grind. The results were mouthwatering. I could feel a pool forming under my tongue as the brightness hit my palate.

The Mauritania was tasting super sweet and juicy at 19 grams. Approximately 6.5 oz of water. Slightly finer grind. I detected peaches and cinnamon. I did up the dose to 22 grams which gave the cup a syrupy body, but was unfortunately a bit under-extracted.


  1. Greetings Sam!
    Nice article and pictures. I noticed the stand for your Aeropress over your Hario decanter. Is that a pourover stand or is it specifically for the Aeropress? Where did you get it? Thanks for the blog!

  2. Hi Guys, Just cam across your Blog. Delighted to see a real coffee house using the AeroPress. My website is If you have a website I would be happy to add a link to it. Best Regards, James